Courses in Nursing

There are many nursing colleges in India providing graduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses. A Post Graduate Diploma and Certificate course in various areas of specialization like Critical Care Nursing, Cardio-Thoracic Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Operation Room Nursing, Oncology Nursing Dialysis Technology and Neonatal Nursing after graduation or post-graduation makes a nurse a more desirable candidate at healthcare establishments. These courses also offer them a better chance to get a job in other countries.

Courses that can be undertaken in Nursing

  • BSc in Nursing- Graduation course in nursing is a basic course
  • MSc in Nursing- Postgraduate course in nursing is a specialization in a specific stream
  • Post Graduate Diploma Course- Gives in-depth knowledge about a particular stream of nursing
  • Certificate Course- Specialization course
  • MPhil in Nursing
  • PhD in Nursing- Good for those who are want  to go into research,

M.Sc. Nursing: The course includes nursing education and research, and provides knowledge about the various specializations that exist in Nursing. Employment Opportunities for a nurse are never going to decline, as the number of hospitals is increasing day by day and so is the need for nurses.