Hostel Accommodation

Hostel is compulsory. Only in extra ordinary circumstances, the candidate may be allowed to stay with the permission of the President.

Rules and Regulations of the Hostel


  1. Rooms should be kept clean and tidy. Students are fully responsible for loss/ damages of furniture supplied to them.
  2. Proper locks should be put to the cup-boards and boxes. Jewellery and expensive items are not permitted in the rooms.
  3. Allotment of the rooms will be made by the warden.
  4. Wastage of water and electricity will render the students liable to disciplinary action.
  5. Students can go home for two days in a month provided no hospital duty and classes are missed. Parents will have to take a prior permission form the principal of the institute for this purpose. Failure to return in time will be dealt with seriously and strictly.
  6. In case of sickness, student should report to the Principal/ Warden.
  7. Parents are requested to come and check the progress of the students from the class teacher/ Principal on any Saturday during working hours.
  8. Parents/ Relatives should visit the students during visiting hours only i.e. from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. in visiting room on Saturdays only, only those relatives will be allowed to visited the students whose photographs have been submitted at the time of admission.
  9. If parents wish that their children can travel alone, they should give the undertaking/ consent in writing to the Principal.